Wine Unit

Wine Unit


We collaborate with the Chilean wine industry, in the strategy that Chilean wine reaches the highest participation in international markets.

We are specialists in transporting wine samples to the most important fairs, competitions and tastings in the world, also attending day by day shipments of wine samples to different international markets.

As we became more and more specialized in the transport of wine samples, we realized that the wine industry has its own peculiarities that must be addressed in a focused way every day.

With this in mind, we created our Wine Unit, an area with people with deep knowledge in the transport of wine, with exclusive dedication to serving the national vineyards. These people are in charge of facilitating the success of the Chilean wine export business.

Our UDV plays a decisive role for Chilean wineries, as it provides them with continuous support and relevant information on events, competitions, international tastings and industry news. Among the daily tasks in charge of this specialized area are the coordination of the retreats in Santiago and it also coordinates retreats directly in the wineries of the vineyards in the regions. At the same time, it maintains the traceability of all shipments which are constantly monitored until their final delivery.

Our team rigorously supervises the appropriate packaging according to the type of bottles. HOT Express, as a pioneer in the development of appropriate packaging for the transport of wines, has recently incorporated sustainable packaging.

With the mentality of being a strategic partner for the vineyards, our UDV adapts both to the needs of the industry and to the particular needs of each vineyard. Far from having a rigid structure, it is the vineyards that set the standard for how they want to work with HOT Express, facilitating the relationships that we maintain with the vast majority of them on a day-to-day basis.



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